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Resort city in northern Kazakhstan, in Akmola Region. The city got its name due to the abundance of pike-fishes (in russian: "schuka") in the nearest lake.

The city is located in the beautiful area, surrounded by evergreen forests and deep blue lakes. 

Population of the city is 45000. 

Schuchinsk is proud for its ski traditions. It gave to the world famous Kazakh skiers as Olympic champion Vladimir Smirnov and WSC medalist Nikolay Chebotko.

Thanks to its excellent ski and biathlon tracks, as well as excellent weather conditions, the city is a favorite base for Kazakhstanis and foreign athletes in winter sports.  Modern ski jumping hills K-125 (HS 140) and K-90 (HS 99) were opened in Schuchinsk three years ago. This was the beginning of the development of such new sports for the city as Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined. After a forced break, two years later, Schuchinsk will again host leading flying skiers from all over the world.



National Ski Center was opened in 2018 and officially is the largest center of winter sports in Kazakhstan. 

There are ski-biathlon stadium with 16 FIS ski courses, a rollerski courses, hotel for 200 persons, a swimming pool, gyms and ski jumping hills K 125 and K 90 at the territory of Center.


Ski jumping hills are located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level and are equipped with a modern wind-protection system that allows to train and compete in hard windy conditions. The height of the hills tower is 82 m from the base (as a 25-stores building). It offers a beautiful view of the city, mountains and lake Schuchiye through glass fences.


Since 2018, Schuchinsk has hosted international FIS Cross-Country Skiing and Rollerski competitions. In the same year, the first training jumps were made on the jumping hills of the Center. Then two summer world records were immediately set: Slovenian Jurij Tepeš made a record 156 meters jump, but touched the surface with his hand upon landing, and Kazakhstani Sergey Tkachenko made a clean jump of 151 meters - this is the world's longest successful summer ski jump.


In July 2019, the FIS Cup and the FIS Continental Ski Jumping Cup were successfully held, in which athletes from 11 countries took part. Read more about the past competitions here.




Thursday, September 2, 2021 - Arrival day

16:00 - Team Captains Meeting/Medical Meeting

18:00 - Opening Ceremony




Friday, September 3, 2021

10:00 - Official Training (2 jumps) K 90 (HS99)

CANCELLED DUE TO WIND - Official Training (2 jumps) K 125 (HS140)

CANCELLED DUE TO WIND - Prologue K 125 (HS140)




Saturday, September 4, 2021 - K 90 (HS99) UPD




Sunday, September 5, 2021 - K 90 (HS99) x2 UPD

UPD 07:30 - Trial Round 1

UPD 08:30 - 1st Competition round 1

UPD 09:30 - Final Round 1

After - Prize giving ceremony, Press Conference


13:00 - Trial Round 2

14:00 - 1st Competition round 2

15:00 - Final round 2

After - Prize giving ceremony, Press Conference




Monday, September 6, 2021 - Departure day





On July 11 and 12, 2019, Schuchinsk hosted the summer FIS Cup for men and women, and on July 13 and 14, 2019, the summer FIS Continental Cup also for men and women. Athletes from 11 countries took part: Kazakhstan, Austria, Germany, Korea, Norway, Russia, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Japan.


Austrian Maximilian Lienher won three victories at once in Schuchinsk - two in the FIS Cup and one in the FIS Continental Cup. Maximilian now holds the competitive springboard records - 101 meters on the HS 99 (K-90) and 144.5 meters on the HS 140 (K-125). Only on the last day an athlete from Austria failed to become a champion, he took eighth place. And the victory was celebrated by the Japanese Keiichi Sato. The last day's podium surprised many. On the podium were athletes only from Asia - Japan and Korea.


Kazakhstani Sergey Tkachenko, who took third place, performed excellently - and this is the first podium of the FIS Continental Cup for a Ridder athlete in his career!


In the women's competition, Kazakhstani flying skier Valentina Sderzhikova shone - she won gold and silver in the FIS Cup in Schuchinsk, two third places in the FIS Continental Cup! Another our athlete Veronika Shishkina took second place in the FIS Continental Cup!


Irma Makhinia from Russia won in one of the FIS Cup draws, while the Norwegian Gyda Westvold HANSEN gave no one a chance in the FIS Continental Cup.



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